The artistic student lifestyle publication AWKWARD continued to stretch the perception of a ubiquitous part of campus life with innovative releases of a "magazine" that explore sensual means of communication and experience. Its latest edition, "AWKWARD: The Event," was presented at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art on February 23rd, as a fashion show combined with original music and dining, all created independently to relate to 13 texts published in an event program. In effect, the "issue" consisted of wearable, musical and edible interpretations of ideas.
The show was presented at five hourly intervals in the museum lobby, with diners lining the runway constructed for the event.

-Cornell Architecture, Art, & Planning Newsletter

AWKWARD: the event took place at Cornell University's Johnson Museum of Art on February 23rd, 2008 on five hourly intervals from 6pm to 11pm. Savinien was the director in chief.