The Future of Retail is Hospitality. Savinien combines his extensive research around the future of retail and hospitality with expertise in spatial and culinary design to imagine, generate and activate the commercial and leisure spaces of tomorrow.

In distinction to the digital experiences we take part of every day, brands need to reconsider the physical realm as the medium for communicating meaning to create lasting bonds with its customers. With the proliferation of technologies challenging notions of place and time, we understand more than ever that the ephemerality of a chance encounter, of a pastry eaten spontaneously one afternoon can become powerful markers which build trust.

Savinien Caracostea has degrees in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Cornell University, and a degree in Pastry Arts from the French Culinary Institute. He has consulted for top universities and international fashion and hospitality groups and has designed cafés, bakeries, corporate headquarters, fashion retail locations, and residential projects in the US.


— Creative Direction
Creative Strategy
Branding / Corporate Identity
Concept Development
Content Development
Cultural Programming

— Design Services
Architectural Design / Interior
Graphic Design
Editorial Services (Print/Video)
Rendering / Visual Production

— Pastry / Food
Special Projects / Installations
Menu / Recipe Development

— Education
Program Development
Corporate Workshops
Public Speaking



"As someone who has taught design studios for over twenty years, I can say without hesitation that Savinien is one of the most stellar and incisive designers of his generation, bringing a cinematic sensibility to the world of design and representation. He is an exceptional creative talent and draws, literally and figuratively, new connections between design, interiors, and film, viewing their combination as a compelling forum for understanding critical issues surrounding the built environment."

-Marion Weiss,, Weiss/Manfredi
Visiting Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design
in letter of January 23rd, 2012

"Spearheading the uber-sophisticated experimental publication Awkward, Savinien Caracostea stormed Cornell from his native France as an architecture student who directs advanced student films and designs clothes - and even the stage - for the CDL fashion show. In his spare time one summer, he worked as a chocolatier in Paris. The man may be a veritable tour de force of style and creativity, but he made the list because of that special, mysterious and ultimately elusive quality - a certain je ne sais quoi."

-Cornell Daily Sun, December 4, 2008
on the Top 25 Most Influential Seniors