Journal des Rêves - issue 5

created and edited by Savinien Caracostea - Summer 2017

In June 1997, at the tender age of 9, I published the first issue of my magazine - le Journal des Rêves. Three subsequent issues were released and distributed to its loyal contributors and subscribers in the following months before it was put on hold. Until today.

The 20th anniversary issue, which was released in June 2017, presents submissions from Nicolas Audisio, Emilie Baltz, Monica Belevan & Alonso Toledo, Roland Caracostea, Arianna Conca, Kirby Fowle, Liana Luci, Fabian Lange, Van Dyk Lewis, Franz Mmeerls, Phillip Nelson, Rodica Prato, Yehuda Safran, Heber Sanchez, Olivier Schwartz, Allen S Weiss, and John Zissovici.

It features a selection of dream projects that may perhaps never be realized or realizable but which will nevertheless exist in the realm of our dreams.

Log 34 - The Food Issue

Guest Edited by Savinien Caracostea and Jan Åman - Summer 2015

Why would an architecture journal devote an entire issue to thinking about food? Log 34: The Food Issue explores food in its many aspects and reveals a boundless realm of contemporary cultural production. In this Spring/Summer 2015 issue, contributions from inside and outside the worlds of food and architecture – from chefs and architects to artists, critics, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and eaters – highlight the many parallels between cuisine and architecture (beyond the basic needs for food and shelter) and demonstrate that food is everywhere and in everything. Guest edited by Savinien Caracostea and Jan Åman, Log 34 features renowned chefs, including Ferran Adrià, Dan Barber, Massimo Bottura, Magnus Nilsson, Jacques Pépin, and Christina Tosi, as well as critically acclaimed artists like Carsten Höller, Tobias Rehberger, and Rirkrit Tiravanija. In short, countless reasons to focus on food today, from the obvious to the surprising.

Incidents: Architecture of Taste

Harvard Graduate School of Design - Summer 2015 Pierre Hermé with Savinien Caracostea and Sanford Kwinter

On November 27, 2012, world-renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé arrived at Harvard University from Paris. He brought five chefs, two assistants, 600 sheets of gelatin, 150 eggs, 68 pounds of caster sugar, 40 pounds of unsalted butter, 32 pounds of cream, 25 pounds of milk chocolate couverture, 11 pounds of grated wasabi, and the alchemic techniques to transform these ingredients into an elaborate “lecture de pâtisserie.” Together with Savinien Caracostea and Sanford Kwinter, he methodically deconstructed four conceptual desserts for 400 spectator-diners. The Architecture of Taste recaptures this night and the physiological effects of Hermé’s pastry visions.


AWKWARD was an artistic student lifestyle publication. Each issue uniquely and thematically addressed matters that fictionally or non-fictionally related to Cornell undergraduate campus life through various sensual means - including physical, visual, and literary expressions. Through its inclusion of various and distinctive aspects, styles, and viewpoints, the publication is awkward, diverse.

Savinien was Creative Director in 2006 and Editor in chief from 2007 to 2009.