Savinien was the editor in chief for this issue.

This installment of AWKWARD created a composite character through the production of a single, original "lost" purse. By looking through the purse, the reader was exposed to a collection of elements (letters, diaries, sketchbook, Polaroids) revolving around the life of a fictitious Cornell student. Each item atood alone as an intimist work, but was understood in relation to the others within the framework of a real life experience: finding a strangers purse. Through the objectification of the publication - the purse - a voyeuristic experience emerged as the reader found himself of herself faced with the forbidden, the awkward.

The AWKWARD Purse was on display at Cornell University's Fine Arts Library from September 8th through October 8th, 2009.


Savinien directed and produced this short ad spot for the issue. Featuring Katie Kasabalis, Matt Eshleman,Jeremy Siegel, and Andre Abrahamian.